This page holds the names of the people and/or 'communities' to whom I owe some gratitude in the way of 'scripting', as I have used their script's to 'complete' my site. (listed in semi-random order)

The javascript Source   Last Modified
      Break Frames
      Focus OnLoad
      Load In Frame
      Reload on Resize
      Basic Calendar
Hypergurl   Random Quote javascript
CodeLifter   Scrollbar Color
Doc javascript (column13)   Scrolling javascript Banner
Timothy Wallace   Image & Page Loading
James Thiele   Java Script Moonphase
James H. Brown   Webcounter
Alexander Babichev at   Digital Clock
Family and friends   Help and support

And of course some more which I can't remember from whom or where I've borrowed it.

All pictures, logo's, scripts, quotes and trademarks are owned
by the private persons and/or the companies respectively.

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